This page contains a mix of user-written CEENBoT Commander and other programs to use with your robot.

Flashlight is a CEENBoT project, that along with 2 CDS photocells, 2 resistors and some jumpers, will make your robot move -- faster in bright light, slower in dim light. It includes both the Graphical program and the robot executable.

RunPauseModule is an example of how to add run / pause control to your program, so that each time the center button is pushed, your program switches between running and paused.

Pause is a simple code snippet that stops the program from continuing until you press the middle button. This is intended to let you get prepared for the rest of the program execution and reduce surprises when the motors start turning.

Voltage Divider is a project that uses two resistors to create a voltage divider network. The robot is programmed to travel 10 wheel revolutions, and the voltage between the two resistors determines the speed this distance is traveled. Changing the resistor under test with a higher or lower value resistor will change how fast the robot travels.

Bump Bot implements reading the bump sensors and taking evasive action if either sense an obstacle. It also implements a pause at startup so you have time to get ready for the robot to move.

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