This is the program that tells the CEENBoT what to do when you turn it on. Firmware stays on the robot even when you turn off the power. Firmware does not change until you overwrite it.

New CEENBoTs come with "Factory Firmware", a program that includes the bump bot mode, wireless remote control mode, power management information screens on the LCD display, and battery charging. Periodically, new versions of Factory Firmware are released with new features or with fixes for problems.

CEENBoTs have two microcontrollers with their own unique firmware. Most of the time, you will only want to change the firmware on the large microcontroller chip on the top of the robot controller board. This is the ATMega324.

The current Factory Firmware for the ATMega324 is available below:

Latest "test" firmware. Bugs are very possible. Let us know if you discover problems.

For the AT Mega 324 (top side microcontroller--check your jumper!)

For the AT Tiny 48 (underside microcontroller--check your jumper again!)

If you are using CEENBoT Commander to program your robot, the zip file below contains all the files needed to add the new 1.104R firmware. These go into the
..\CEENBoT Commander\lib\AVR\backup folder.
Generic directions to replace firmware for Macintosh and Windows