Many people involved in the CEENBoT project have written software for use on or with the robot. Many of these developments are available as source code for download from the online BitBucket repository.

These are projects that generally depend on a programming environment like AVR Studio, Eclipse or Arduino. If you are new to C, Java or other programming languages or environments, you may find these projects a challenge to understand and use.

Look at Bitbucket for a catalog of projects you may find interesting.

Some of the projects available through Bitbucket include:


CEENBoT API A set of C language libraries that make using hardware features of the 324 robotic controller board easier. Use with a C development environment like AVR Studio or Eclipse.

CEENDuino A port of the Arduino development environment that supports the 324 processor on the robotic controller board.


CEENBoT Factory Firmware This is the source code used to make the firmware distributed on all CEENBoTs.

CEENBoT Test Firmware Source code to produce a firmware that exercises many of the features of a 324 robotic controller board, and allows display of raw inputs.

Hardware Add-on

Bluetooth to serial adapter / Android device control of a CEENBoT. Requires a Bluetooth to serial adapter (available on-line from sellers on Ebay, SparkFun, AdaFruit, RobotShop or others) and wiring into the CEENBoT.

IR Control Using an infrared receiver and a universal TV remote, control a CEENBoT's motion and other features. This project uses a ATMega48 processor to read input from the infrared receiver and communicate the commands on to the robotic controller.

Digital Temperature Sensor Connect a digital temperature sensor to collect information about the environment around the robot.

Other creative people have also written software for use with the CEENBoT and you may locate more projects through a Google search.